The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

YO!  YO!  YO!  Wassup fellas’!?  Been a minute…I had to recover from a long week of Nashville Fashion and all the whoa’s that came along with it.  But I’m back!  And what better way to come back than with a nice NEW garment!  Heroes need 2 things: 1. A reason and 2. A SLEEK jacket!  Well, my new leather…well…Pleather Express Biker Jacket definitely takes care of #2.  Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what you’re thinking, “What if it rains?”  Hence the PLEATHER!  Despite popular belief, Pleather is probably a far better option for the average consumer and some could argue PERIOD!  You don’t have to worry about getting it wet, no animals are harmed in the process, it’s actually more durable than leather, and last, but certainly not least, it COSTS A WHOLE LOT LESS!  And remember, you don’t have to spend a million dollars to look like it.  Every man needs a nice Moto Jacket in his wardrobe, you’re looking at mine.  It instantly toughens up any look.  It’s one of the most Manly staples there is!  Heck, I almost bought a Harley too!  LoL  When you do go shopping, keep in mind that you want the jacket to fit snug so go a size smaller than what you would usually wear and there are many designs to choose from so you’ll just have browse until one speaks to you.  You’ll know it when you see it 😉  I paired it with my Moto Jeans and a nice, lightweight Spring sweater.  MAN UP GUYS!  If it’s good enough for The Fonz’ then it’s good enough for me & you!  “AAAAAAYE!”  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

SHOES: Cole Haan Zerogrand Wingtip Suede $300 | PANTS: GAP En Noir Moto Skinny Jeans $80 | SWEATER: Merona $25 | JACKET: Express (Minus The Leather) Biker Moto Jacket $250

N A S H V I L L E | F A S H I O N | W E E K : Day 4

If the words “BEAST KING GOLION” don’t mean anything to you…then you have NO IDEA what this hat is all about.  Trust me, these words are for TRUE Voltron fans only.  Now as for the fit, hey man, keep it simple.  It was a little cool out there that night and the event was outside.  Yes, I’m speaking in the past tense, because this was last night.  I told you I’ve been a bit out of it, what with the food poisoning and all, but anyway, a perfect night for a light denim, like this one.  And my Chukkas kept me toes nice and toasty!  The key is SIMPLICITY.  Like all art you want a good Focal Point.  My lid is the FP of this masterpiece.  Always keep the objective, which is your anchor, in mind.  It’s all about the Heroes this week!  Oh and SIDE NOTE:  When sporting a lot of denim, be sure to mismatch the top & bottom.  So choose either a dark top & light bottom or vice versa.  Or else risk looking like a JC Penney’s model from the 90s.  LoL  Alright, that’s it!  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day! : “STREET SUIT IV”

No you’re not experiencing De Ja’Vu!  You’ve seen this fit’ before.  Quite recently actually in “Street Suit!” Only it was a lot wetter outside so I was wearing different shoes, I used my rain jacket for a Blazer & I’m not wearing a T-Shirt underneath, only a Tank Top.  The perfect fit for business & pleasure!  And by pleasure I mean riding around and gettin’ it on my bike!  You can’t live this lifestyle sagging fellas’.  No sir ree!  So tailor it up!  Yeah, I love this time of year!  I wonder if Green Fleet is riding tomorrow?  I sure hope so. “#BikeSelfieNashville” is back!  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

SHOES: Cole Haan Zerogrand Wingtips $300 | JEANS: Express Alec Quilted Denim Moto Skinny Jeans $120 | SHIRT: Banana Republic Oxford $20 (SALE) | BLAZER: Target by Mossimo $60 | TIE: Macy’s by M151 $10 | BIKE: JC Penny’s VINTAGE!

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Today I decided to break out some old friends!  My Radii boots!  I love these boots, but I’m just not a fan of the clicking noise they make when walking.  Sounds like a chic wearing heels.  So I don’t wear them often, but today I’m going to be in dirty auto shops while I search for a new wheel to replace my damaged one from the aftermath of the recent ice storms.  It’s also raining, so I don’t have to worry about getting these bad boys dirty.  They’re comfortable, stylish, & durable.  You can’t beat that.  Also, I rarely rock hats except for when it rains, but I bought 2 hats yesterday that I plan to use for more than rain.  As I become more comfortable in my Personal Style I’m starting to venture out.  The 2 hats make a distinctive statement about who I am.  I love comics, but as far as comics & clothing go, I’ve never been a fan, but I’m starting to find cool ways to merge them.  Generally I find comics inspired clothing to be too daunting.  I’m more low key, but the hats I bought work for 2 reasons: 1. They FIT well and 2. They don’t overwhelm.  The Voltron head actually reminds me of the Chicago Bulls logo.  Maybe that’s why it works so well?  My Spring/Summer Style plans to be SIMPLE.  So my attention will fall on the accents or details.  A nice lid, like this one, or my shoes…or a nice Rosary like these red ones I picked up from the store today and added to this gallery.  And finally I bought new draws! LoL Men, you should replace your undergarments every Spring. Just trust me on this one. I’m trying Haynes’ new tagless, moisture resistant product. Here’s to Simplicity & good hygiene! .  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

BOOTS: Radii $100 | PANTS: Express Alec Quilted Moto Denim Skinny Jeans $120 | SHIRT: Haynes $12 | JACKET: Target by Merona $30 | HAT: VOLTRON!

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Errands to run, shopping to do, meetings to meet…just a day in the life of a young business professional.  LoL  I’m embellishing a bit, but you get the idea.  LoL  Anyway, It’s hot out, but the humidity has yet to come back from vacay so a light jacket is still needed, which is why I love Fall/Spring, the transitional periods, you get a little bit of everything.  Keep the jacket LITE fellas.  Too heavy and you’ll be sweatin’ bullets!  And that’s not COOL!  See what I did there?  “LIVE ABOVE IT!

SHOES: Cole Haan Zergorand Wingtip $300 | PANTS: GAP by En Noir, Moto Jeans $80 | T-SHIRT: Target by Converse $12 | BELT: Vintage | JACKET: Vintage

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Happy Monday fellas’!  Today I just have a few errands.  So I’m throwing on my Zerogrands, a nice pair of Moto Denim Jeans, and a Moto inspired jacket to complete the rugged look of a man on a mission!  Time for V-Necks and Rosaries guys.  OH!  And I had to drop the top too.  No more Afro Samurai for me.  LoL  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

SHOES: Cole Haan Zerogrand Chukkas $300 | JEANS: Express Alec Quilted Moto Skinny Jeans $120 | SHIRT: Haynes V-Neck $15 Pack) | JACKET: Macy’s by GRAY Moto Jacket $80

P H O T O S H O O T | F R I D A Y

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day! : “STREET SUIT II”

Welcome to “Street Suit” part 2!  If you were with us during the last Style Tip then you know that this is the same outfit just organized in a different color.  The garments are different, but the pieces to the puzzle are the same.  Just take that rain jacket and rock it like you would a Blazer & replace those slacks with a nice pair of jeans.  Don’t forget to make sure that the tie hits just above the belt buckle (This is the same belt from SS1, just in reverse) and because common sense ain’t common, you match your belt to your shoes.  Oh and if you are a male then chances are you know that when it comes to finding the Holy Grail that is the perfect White Dress Shirt, the struggle is REAL!  LoL However, I am definitely impressed with this one.  A nice slim fit, comfortable fabric, & the collar which is shorter/thinner than the average, has proven to be a good look.  I actually had some one tell me, “NICE SUIT” today!  So mission accomplished 😉  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

BOOTS: Cole Haan Lunargrand Boots $300 l JEANS: GAP En Noir Moto Jeans $80 l SHIRT: Express No Button Dress Shirt $30 l TIE: Macy’s by M151 $10 l BELT: Ross $12 l JACKET: Target by Converse $40

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day! : “STREET SUIT”

HAPPY MONDAY FELLAS’!  Spring is here!  And he is extremely welcome!  Thank you Mother Nature…well thank God, but I digress.  With Spring comes rain so today I’m going to show you how to replace that Blazer with a nice Rain Jacket instead.  I call it a “Street Suit.”  Weatherproof boots for the rain, Moto Jeans, Oxford, Skinny Tie, & Rain Coat.  Just like your traditional suit, but with untraditional pieces 😉  KOBE!  And don’t forget guys, let the tie hit just above your belt buckle.  “LIVE ABOVE IT!

BOOTS: Cole Haan Lunargrand Boots $300 l JEANS: Express Alec Quilted Super Moto Skinny Jeans $120 l BELT: ROSS $12 l SHIRT: Banana Republic Oxford $25 (SALE) l TIE: Macy’s by M151  $10 l JACKET: Target by Merona $30

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Being an adult SUCKS!  It mainly means postponing the things that you really want to do in order to have the means to do them, but I digress!  LoL Because of budget necessities I had to postpone my purchase of these amazing jeans, but nevertheless I have them now and they were well worth the wait!  It’s a rainy day today, here in Nashville and cloudy.  The perfect Blue Collar feel for their debut.  The jeans to which I am rambling about, are my NEW


Okay, so that was a bit dramatic, but I love a sleek pair of Moto jeans and you have to understand that I’ve been looking for a pair of denim Moto jeans forever!  These fit EXTREMELY well, feel great against the skin, and to top it all off: although they are Skinny Jeans, they are designed so that there is room around the knees for flexiblity unlike most Moto Skinny Jeans.  I mean these bad boys feel like a pair of Joggers!  I LIKE IT!  I paired these industrial jeans with my Lunargrand Weatherproof Boots, my favorite Vintage Button-Up, a light Cardigan for warmth, and my rain jacket to ward off the rain drops.  You’ll be seeing a lot more of these hardworking trousers.  Let’s work!  “LIVE ABOVE IT!

BOOTS: Cole Haan Lunargrands $300 l PANTS: Express Alec Quilted Super Skinny Moto Jeans $120 l BUTTON-UP: Vintage l CARDIGAN: Target by Merona $25 l JACKET: Target by Merona $30