The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day!

My sister recently asked me if I’d ever given any thought to putting some artwork on shoes.  Well I hadn’t, and MOST HIGH willing I will do a project for her, but until then, this is my first endeavor into the field.  I converted these Tom’s into a personal work of art!  Seeing how Tom’s are literally made from CANVAS, they definitely made great first candidates.  I simply used my usual beloved acrylic paints.  I think they turned out good.  How about you?


The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

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What’s up soldier!?  It’s been awhile.  A wise man once said, “Keep it simple Stupid!”  So that’s exactly what I want to do.  So from now on there won’t be many words from me.  If you have questions, “Ask and you shall receive.”  The rest is obvious.  Is it not?  So instead of a bunch of boring Style talk which you can get anywhere, I’m going to simply give you a few words of Wisdom.  So without further ado:


The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

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So this isn’t as much of a Style Tip as it is an “I’M BACK” tip.  If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, which I’m sure you haven’t, I had a pretty bad biking incident during the “Tour De Nash” a couple of weeks ago that messed up my leg pretty bad.  I’m just getting back on my feet so I definitely been in the mood to do any posing, let alone put pants on.  LoL  So I didn’t, but this is just a quick heads up from me to you.  Thank you for continuing to grow with me 🙂  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

N A S H V I L L E | F A S H I O N | W E E K : Day 5

First of all, my apologies, for posting this so late, but that Food Poisoning ain’t no joke!  LoL  I’m just getting back to being me.  Anyway,  Saturday consisted of Industry Panels, the gala (which I did not attend), and the closing night party!  Spring Nashville weather is Bipolar, hence the day & night looks.  Had to go out with a bang!  Once again, keeping the fit simple and allowing the “S” on my chest to do all the talking!  I actually successfully road my bike to every event.  Nothing beats city livin’ I tell ya’…and nothing beats NASHVILLE FASHION!  Until next year mi amigos!  Esta bien!  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

#JPSKILLZStyleTip #SpecialWeekendEdition

“LOUNGE CHIC!”  That’s what I’m callin’ it.  Just because you’re lounging doesn’t mean you can’t do it in Style!  I’m an Artist, if you didn’t know, so I spend a lot of time workin’ at the studio and then running errands for supplies, meetings, etc.  So I gotta’ be prepared and somewhat presentable.  LoL  Here’s the KEY:  Give your Hand-Be-Downs, to YOURSELF!  Take that sweater that you don’t wear anymore or those joggers and use them as your Lounge gear.  Instead of using 10 year old gym stuff, LoL use 2 yr old things that use to be your go to garments.  You don’t need a lot.  Just cover the basics: Jeans, Joggers, Shorts, a couple sweaters & t-shirts, just stuff you can “Lounge” in.  Now for the second part of this tip, the cool thing about the current state of Men’s Fashion is that you can easily go from Lounging to on the move “At the drop of a hat!”  Observe!  I just put on my Brown, CH Lunargrand Boots ($278), threw on my tailored Express Top Coat ($278) along with my Merona Vest ($30), because it’s a little cold out there, and VOILA!  I’m out the door!     I don’t like my stuff to long & flowy, but I like to find a nice balance.  Remember, it’s about Personal Style.  You have to find a way to put your twist on it.  And for my 3rd and final point, it’s okay to rock shorts in the winter!  I always look at Women’s Fashion and try to find the Male equivalent.  Well, women have bee wearing skirts in the Winter since the beginning of time!  LoL  The legs really don’t get cold, but if they do, you can improvise and still maintain a Chic look, by throwin’ on some thermals like I did here!  It’s all about what you can tolerate.  And honestly Nashville doesn’t get THAT cold.  S/O To Jerry Lorenzo and Waraire Boswell for the inspiration.  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”