Looks like ol’ John & Rob are at it again! This year’s SDCC is going to be a little bit cooler as the special edition Chew #35 cover is going to pay homage, once again, to the controversial Tarrantio! I for one am a definite fan, because I’ve always loved the Kill Bill artwork. Anyway, this’ll be one to collect. Check out the Special Ed cover…wait, was that mean?



So it’s been announced that a 4 Foot Helicarrier will be available at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) from Hasbro!!!Β  Pretty cool, although the size will reek HAVOC on those traveling.Β  It’s suppose to include Maria Hill and Captain America figures and it’s suppose to go for about $130.Β  My only complaint is the size of the figures in comparison to the Helicarrier?Β  I mean, they’re suppose to fit inside it and freakin’ jets are suppose to be parked on it’s surface…so why are the figures so huge!?