The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day! | Daughter of Sarah Painting edition

A hint is all you get.


The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day!

My sister taught me to shop out of season.  Hell, she would get us stuff a year in advance!  LoL  But this is when you find the best deals, like these SUPER RUDDY, all white, Gold & Gravy sneakers!  $200 shoes, genuine leather, under $80!  You kiddin’ right?  NOPE!  LoL  Another no brainer!  These bad boys are comfortable too!  I haven’t bought anything outside of Cole Haans in I don’t know how long, but these broke the streak!  Heck, these replaced my display Golden State Iversons!  Now you know that’s RUDDY!   LoL  Alright, I feel like I’ve met my EXCLAMATION quota so I’ll say no more fam’.


The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day!

Album cover look (Homepage) revamped!


The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day!

Just because something looks the same… doesn’t mean it is.


The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

What’s going on brothas’!? Yes. I know it’s been a hit minute, but I’d rather it be hot than cold. LoL anyways, today it’s suppose to snow, I guess Old Man Winter hasn’t gotten over his cold yet SMH, so I decided to rock’ a look that I came up with during last week’s ice storm. Men’s Style has really adopted this Post World, layered, flowy look. I find the key to be varying the lengths of your tops to draw attention to the details of the mid-section like the details around the neck. What I did was cross my scarf so that it overlapped and then put it underneath my BR Shawl Cardigan. And BAM! A SUPER SLEEK LOOK! Add my Express Top Coat for that final layer of varying length and the rest is history. “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

BOOTS – Cole Haan Lunargrand | $278 JOGGERS – American Stitch $40 | SCARF – Express $30 | CARDIGAN – Banana Republic $40 | TOP COAT – Express $278

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

If you’re like me then likely you too have been cooped up in the crib for the last 2 days because of the ice storm and are in need of a grocery run.  Well I’m here to ensure that this transition goes as smoothly as possible.  LoL  I’m not going to even change out of what I’ve been lounging in and you don’t have to either thanks to the miracles that are Joggers & Top Coats!  I simply strap on my Cole Haan Lunargrand Boots ($278) which are weather proof (Waterproof), and then wrap my Express Scarf ($25) around my neck & pull my H&M Skully ($5) over my my head, no need to even comb your hair!  LoL Toss on my Express Top Coat ($278) and BOOM!  I’m good for a PUBLIC appearance!  LoLThe tailored Joggers  (American Stitch $40 SALE) allow you to be fashionable while the Top Coat keeps you nice and tailored!  Once again, fellas, your Lounge Style is just as important as your Public Style.  It all consolidates under the same umbrella…your Personal Style!  Oh and you can’t forget your headphones (JayBird Bluebuds X $160).  Gotta’ tune out those grocery store tunes and be prepared for that long, Nashville Panic line.  LoL  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Chill day today, nothing too important so just need to be sleek!  “I’M ON SLEEK!”  LoL  You just witnessed the birth of a new phrase!  Rockin’ my Black/White, Suede, Cole Haan Zerogrand Wingtips ($278), my Saks Off 5th Ave, Black, American Stitch Joggers ($40 SALE), Black, Nike Pro Combat Dri-Fit ($Free.99), Navy, Express Top Coat ($278), my Gray/Black, Banana Republic Reversible Vest ($40 SALE), and Black, Express Wool Scarf ($30).  Oh and it’s pretty cold today so I decided to put on my “No Show” GAP socks.  You can still be fly and functional at the same time.  It’s all about the tricks of the trade!  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


The rain has left a chill in the air so we want to be warm not hot.  Today is another lesson on BALANCE.


Gonna start off with my Cole Haan, Zerogrand  Brogues!  Always up for the task. $278


Then my American Stitch Joggers from Saks 5th Ave. $40





Now here’s where that “Balance” comes into play.  I’m actually rockin’ my favorite tank from The Red Bicycle underneath as my base layer, but no one needs to know that but us.  I’m using it for color.  Now I could tuck it in and give the outfit a completely different feel, but today I feel like adding a splash of color so I let it hang out.  It creates a nice break from the other monotonous colors.  The sweater is from the GAP and it is my favorite type of sweater because of the collar.  These type of collars are great for cold weather because they double as a scarf.  You ‘ll see what I mean shortly.  Tank $15 Sweater $10


I need only to flip the collar and VOILA!  Instant scarf.


Then I add my Expressd, navy blue, Top Coat to the mix!





And I’m ready to roll!

IMG_00002421I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow for #FotoShootFriday!  #Fin.

#JPSKILLZStyleTip: Tying a Scarf Part 1(The JPSKILLZ Noose)


Happy Monday people!  Today is a special day because, well… it’s Monday and because today you become a MAN!  Today…I teach you…how-to-tie…a scarf!  LoL Well, at least one of the ways.   So let’s get crackin’!



First we must start with the shoes of course and today’s rides are my Sierra, Cole Haan, Zerogrand Chukkas!  I can’t praise these kickz enuff!  This colorway definitely adds to any outfit!  $278




Then of course there are the Joggers!  I’ve fallen in love with this style, mostly because of the COMFORT!  I mean, to be so comfortable yet stylish, while you work, is just PRICELESS!  These are my American Stitch Joggers from Saks 5th Avenue.  $40


And then there’s the top which is an oldie, but a goodie!  I bought this Henley from H&M about 3-4 years ago so honesty I don’t remember the cost, but it’s H&M so I’m sure it was affordable.  It’s definitely my favorite Henley.  Keeps me reasonably warm, the collar design is just super, and the fit is timeless.  Fellas, you need a few good Henley’s, that’s just the way it is.  Especially if you’re in decent shape.  It really shows off your work.  It’s almost the female equivalent of leggings, because women love arms.






Next we add a nice fitted Blazer to the mix and this is what really pushes a seemingly lax outfit into formal territory.  It truly is a beautiful balance.  You want your Blazer to be to things: 1.  Slim fitting and 2. A different color from your Joggers maintain the balance and not make it seem like your trying to replace the suit.  I know it sounds weird, but remember it’s all about BALANCE.  Not necessarily matching and it’s also about making it seem EFFORTLESS.  You need to be a veteran to pull a same color Blazer off, but I’ll tackle this at a later date.  The Blazer was my uncle’s or cousin’s or something like that so it’s vintage, you won’t find it, and it was $FREE.99!


And now for the MAIN EVENT!!!  HOW TO TIE A SCARF!  PART 1: The JPSKILLZ Noose!  There are names for different knots, but I prefer creating my own so, here we go!  First you fold the scarf in half.


Then you place said scarf around thine neck with your neck being in the middle.


Then you pull the open end of the scarf through the loop you created by folding it.  Be careful not to become entangled in said scarf.



With the end of said scarf firmly in hand, pull the end until it tightens around your neck like a noose, but not too tight, it’s not really a noose.  You need to breathe.


 TA-DAAA!  The JPSKILLZ Noose is complete!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!




Now put that nice Blazer of yours back on and watch the ladies SWOON!  LoL



“Justice is BALANCE Mr. Wayne…Justice…is BALANCE.”  #Fin.