SO RUDDY! | Michael Jordan Donates $5 Million African American Museum

If we’ve learned nothing else from his Airness’ career we’ve learned this:  DON’T CHALLENGE HIM!!!  Kudos Mike.

Source: Michael Jordan Donates $5 Million African American Museum | Sole Collector

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Today I decided to break out some old friends!  My Radii boots!  I love these boots, but I’m just not a fan of the clicking noise they make when walking.  Sounds like a chic wearing heels.  So I don’t wear them often, but today I’m going to be in dirty auto shops while I search for a new wheel to replace my damaged one from the aftermath of the recent ice storms.  It’s also raining, so I don’t have to worry about getting these bad boys dirty.  They’re comfortable, stylish, & durable.  You can’t beat that.  Also, I rarely rock hats except for when it rains, but I bought 2 hats yesterday that I plan to use for more than rain.  As I become more comfortable in my Personal Style I’m starting to venture out.  The 2 hats make a distinctive statement about who I am.  I love comics, but as far as comics & clothing go, I’ve never been a fan, but I’m starting to find cool ways to merge them.  Generally I find comics inspired clothing to be too daunting.  I’m more low key, but the hats I bought work for 2 reasons: 1. They FIT well and 2. They don’t overwhelm.  The Voltron head actually reminds me of the Chicago Bulls logo.  Maybe that’s why it works so well?  My Spring/Summer Style plans to be SIMPLE.  So my attention will fall on the accents or details.  A nice lid, like this one, or my shoes…or a nice Rosary like these red ones I picked up from the store today and added to this gallery.  And finally I bought new draws! LoL Men, you should replace your undergarments every Spring. Just trust me on this one. I’m trying Haynes’ new tagless, moisture resistant product. Here’s to Simplicity & good hygiene! .  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

BOOTS: Radii $100 | PANTS: Express Alec Quilted Moto Denim Skinny Jeans $120 | SHIRT: Haynes $12 | JACKET: Target by Merona $30 | HAT: VOLTRON!


I use to post shoes that I found to be fresh under the title, “Fresh Swagz!” Well, I’m back at it, and what better way to announce my return than with the kings of returns Michael Jordan& Roger Federer (see what I did there?)!



These bad boys are the love children of a collaboration between Roger & the Jordan 3s! For more images & information follow the JUMP…man (do you see what I did there? LoL) 😉

JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


Labor Day Isn’t here yet. So white is still acceptable. At least according to traditional thoughts on fashion.




Now there’s not a pool in site, but I’m still POOLSIDE with my Poolside, Cole Haan Lunargrand Wingtips! You know the story, but the colorway will cause any shoe enthusiast to become sea sick! LoL Just a great summertime hue! $200



Put a roll in my white, Levi, Skinny Jeans from Macy’s & I’m ready for high waters! Remember, not too high, we’re not going to the beach. LoL $50


They lovin’ the crew! My favorite t-shirt is perfect to match the gray soles of my Lunargrands. A very light weight fabric produced by Converse from Target. It definitely brings the white & grey together. Remember when you have a dominant shoe…let it dominate. Scottie new when to move and let MJ do his thing.


Well that’s it for this week. “Go & Love young man…go & love.”

JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


Happy Thursday to you!  Headed back into the city to sketch again because I just can’t get enough and obviously I’m a glutton for punishment.  LoL  But I am and I’m definitely gonna need to be CPF!  That’s right!  COOL, PRESENTABLE, & FUNCTIONAL!  Busting out my “RETRO” fit today!


“It’s gotta’ be da’ shoes!?”  As they use to say in the 90s when “His Airness” would take flight!  Well, this is why I’m going with my blue “Ones” today!  You know the drill, no socks!  The Nike Lunar Flynit Chukka need no extra baggage & will definitely keep me CPF! 😉 $200



It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or Michael Kors to tell you that blue & khaki go together like peanut butter & jelly!  Sorry guys, I’m a bit hungry.  But they do!  Had to go with my old Target “Nobo”cargos, you know the ones I warned you about yesterday? I haven’t washed my BR’ shorts in days & they’re beginning to look like it 😦  So I had to go to my older shorts.  Remember fellas’, Men’s Style takes time.  I’m still overhauling my wardrobe as well.  See, despite popular belief, I’m not perfect either (that was a joke… wow… tough crowd).  So what do you do?  You IMPROVISE!  I simply threw on my favorite fatigue belt (AUTHENTIC/DAD’s: I told you our Style takes time) and tightened up the waist to slim out the shorts.  For you youngsters out there, I don’t know if you know this, but the BELT was actually designed to keep your pants UP!  I KNOW RIGHT!?  One revelation at a time.  $15



And then there’s the crown jewel!  The creme’ de la creme’!  If you will!  The RETRO AIR JORDAN TANK!!!  This is NOT a remake people!  It was actually my older broth… well… I’m not sure if my… OTHER… knows I have it so we’ll just keep that between you and I KAPEESH!?  Any who, the splash of blue connects the eyes back to the kicks & back then Jordan still rocked Nike insignia on his apparel making this the perfect top for a pair of sick Nikes such as my “Ones!”  Plus this top is obviously great for hot weather! $FREE .99


As for the EXCESSories!  Rockin’ the Kenneth Cole black touch watch again today!  Definitely my go to driver!  It refines my outfits which feeds perfectly into my Personal Style.  Remember, it’s not what you wear it’s how you wear it.


Well until next time gentleman… and ladies, don’t want to be rude, hold it down like I’m trying to do this basketball while maintaining my balance for this last shot!  LoL  PEACE!  #BikeSelfieNashville #JPSKILLZStyleTip