SO RUDDY | Miles Morales/Into The Spider-Verse (Lexter Santana) : Fan Made Trailer!

So I finally go to see the new Spidey animation today!  No need for a review… besides… we don’t do that here.  😶 BUT, I came home to find this little unexpected treat in my inbox!  Gotta support fresh cr8tivity!  So SHOUT OUT to you Lex’ for the Ruddy art and deeming my little piece of the Spider-Verse worthy of a proper show space.  SHALAWAM  😉

SO RUDDY | Official Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer!

Okay.  So THEY definitely stole Miles Morales’ storyline which is some BS because everyone knows that Donald Glover:


was destined to play this part!  But hey, without speaking on the pink elephant (Job 9:24 | KJV1611) in the room, I’ll still try to enjoy this!



Remember my recent post about the upcoming Disney XD, Ultimate Spider-Man Animation? Of course you don’t. CLICK HERE.Now do you remember? Great! Well, comic artist and cosplayer, Nikolas Draper-Ivey has taken it just himself to dawn Spidey’s “Black” mantle. And I must say, it is quite impressive! If we keep this up, it won’t be long before we get a real hero on the big screen! Check out some more photos below!




New Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set Pics!

Hang Time

So this is just one pic of MANY that I swiped from Cosmic Book News.  While this is a #Super pic, I am more concerned with the suit.  Personally, I liked the new suit that Peter dawned in the 1st installment.  This one is played for the 21st century for me.  Classic yes, but like Blackberry’s Legacy OS, it’s time to move on to Blackberry 10 (Shameless Blackberry Plug).  You know, I’d really LOVE to see Mile’s new duds in a film!

Ultimate Spider-Man

 Hopefully that dream will become a reality.  So what do you think?  Glad it’s back to the classic Spidey or disappointed?