BREAKING NEWS: DC Comics Must See Cinema!


Warner Broadcast has announced 10 count em’, 10 movies slated between now & 2020! Below is a screenshot of DC Comics’ IG post that I swindled!


It’s going to be an amazing 5 years! See you at the iMax!



First image of Wifey has surfaced at SDCC! Gal Gadot is looking good in the WW garments. Definitely has a Xena feel, but I ain’t mad. I do wonder if Jim Lee’s pants would have been better? But it depends on the story I suppose? At any rate, I’m excited! What do you think?

Ben… Is… Batman?


I never thought I’d say this, but this new image of Benjamin, rocking the Bat Duds, is BAD A–SHUT YO MOUTH! I was only talkin’ bout Ben? I’m excited! I like the looks of this! Definitely paying homage to the gray suit and the Keaton Mobile. This should be good. But as with all things, we’ll see.

NEW Man of Steel Trailer!!!

Christmas has come early for ME!!! Today was one hell of a #NewComicWed!  I guess 12/12/12 really is special?  So what am I blabbering about?  1. DC Comic’s New 52 Justice League Superman acticon figure, designed by Jim Lee, was released today. Completing my collection!


2. A new Man of Steel trailer dropped!  So wait no further, check it out below…after all, “tis’ the season to be jolly!” 😉