The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day!

My sister taught me to shop out of season.  Hell, she would get us stuff a year in advance!  LoL  But this is when you find the best deals, like these SUPER RUDDY, all white, Gold & Gravy sneakers!  $200 shoes, genuine leather, under $80!  You kiddin’ right?  NOPE!  LoL  Another no brainer!  These bad boys are comfortable too!  I haven’t bought anything outside of Cole Haans in I don’t know how long, but these broke the streak!  Heck, these replaced my display Golden State Iversons!  Now you know that’s RUDDY!   LoL  Alright, I feel like I’ve met my EXCLAMATION quota so I’ll say no more fam’.


The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

YO!  YO!  YO!  Wassup fellas’!?  Been a minute…I had to recover from a long week of Nashville Fashion and all the whoa’s that came along with it.  But I’m back!  And what better way to come back than with a nice NEW garment!  Heroes need 2 things: 1. A reason and 2. A SLEEK jacket!  Well, my new leather…well…Pleather Express Biker Jacket definitely takes care of #2.  Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what you’re thinking, “What if it rains?”  Hence the PLEATHER!  Despite popular belief, Pleather is probably a far better option for the average consumer and some could argue PERIOD!  You don’t have to worry about getting it wet, no animals are harmed in the process, it’s actually more durable than leather, and last, but certainly not least, it COSTS A WHOLE LOT LESS!  And remember, you don’t have to spend a million dollars to look like it.  Every man needs a nice Moto Jacket in his wardrobe, you’re looking at mine.  It instantly toughens up any look.  It’s one of the most Manly staples there is!  Heck, I almost bought a Harley too!  LoL  When you do go shopping, keep in mind that you want the jacket to fit snug so go a size smaller than what you would usually wear and there are many designs to choose from so you’ll just have browse until one speaks to you.  You’ll know it when you see it 😉  I paired it with my Moto Jeans and a nice, lightweight Spring sweater.  MAN UP GUYS!  If it’s good enough for The Fonz’ then it’s good enough for me & you!  “AAAAAAYE!”  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

SHOES: Cole Haan Zerogrand Wingtip Suede $300 | PANTS: GAP En Noir Moto Skinny Jeans $80 | SWEATER: Merona $25 | JACKET: Express (Minus The Leather) Biker Moto Jacket $250

N A S H V I L L E | F A S H I O N | W E E K : Day 5

First of all, my apologies, for posting this so late, but that Food Poisoning ain’t no joke!  LoL  I’m just getting back to being me.  Anyway,  Saturday consisted of Industry Panels, the gala (which I did not attend), and the closing night party!  Spring Nashville weather is Bipolar, hence the day & night looks.  Had to go out with a bang!  Once again, keeping the fit simple and allowing the “S” on my chest to do all the talking!  I actually successfully road my bike to every event.  Nothing beats city livin’ I tell ya’…and nothing beats NASHVILLE FASHION!  Until next year mi amigos!  Esta bien!  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”


Today’s lesson is pretty simple.  WET GOES WITH WET.  Most wouldn’t think to put a Vest over their Rain Blazer.  But it just makes sense if you think about it.  They’re both crafted for “Bad” weather.It’s the perfect way to stay Warm & Dry on a Rainy Winter day.  Spring officially starts tomorrow if you’re wondering.  LoL  Don’t forget that Blue & Green do go together, but it’s a slippery slope.  I’m ready for the elements…are you?  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

BOOTS: Cole Haan Lunargrand Boots $300 | PANTS: Banana Republic Fatigue Slim Fit Dress Pants $10 (SALE) | SWEATER: GAP by En Noir $40 | RAIN BLAZER: Target by Merona $30 | VEST: Target by Merona $25

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!: “STREET SUIT III”

“MARCH MADNESS” is in full swing which means I’m going to pretend to have some inkling of an idea as to how these games are going to pan out.  LoL  But this means business!  So I’m dawning my 3rd “Street Suit” in order to properly fill out my Bracket.  Today I’m adding my Shawl Cardigan to the mix because it’s going to be a bit colder today than our past few unseasonably Miami days.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m actually rocking two base layers beneath all this swag.  LoL  A Tank Top & a T-Shirt give me the extra barriers of protection I need against the chill in the air today.  Anyway, refer to the 2 previous posts for details.  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

SHOES: Cole Haan Zerogrand Wingtips $300 | JEANS: GAP by En Noir Moto Jeans $80 | SHIRT: Express $30 | TIE: Macy’s by M151 $10 | CARDIGAN: GAP Shawl Cardigan $25 | BLAZER: Mossimo $60 | BELT: Ross $12

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day! : “STREET SUIT II”

Welcome to “Street Suit” part 2!  If you were with us during the last Style Tip then you know that this is the same outfit just organized in a different color.  The garments are different, but the pieces to the puzzle are the same.  Just take that rain jacket and rock it like you would a Blazer & replace those slacks with a nice pair of jeans.  Don’t forget to make sure that the tie hits just above the belt buckle (This is the same belt from SS1, just in reverse) and because common sense ain’t common, you match your belt to your shoes.  Oh and if you are a male then chances are you know that when it comes to finding the Holy Grail that is the perfect White Dress Shirt, the struggle is REAL!  LoL However, I am definitely impressed with this one.  A nice slim fit, comfortable fabric, & the collar which is shorter/thinner than the average, has proven to be a good look.  I actually had some one tell me, “NICE SUIT” today!  So mission accomplished 😉  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

BOOTS: Cole Haan Lunargrand Boots $300 l JEANS: GAP En Noir Moto Jeans $80 l SHIRT: Express No Button Dress Shirt $30 l TIE: Macy’s by M151 $10 l BELT: Ross $12 l JACKET: Target by Converse $40

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Happy Monday fellas’!  Man, I feel like it’s been a minute since I said that?  Anyway, nothing special today, just RUNNING some errands.  I’ll be all over Nashville.  So on days like this I like to simplify my look.  Looks kinda like a track suit.  All black everything means business!  Let’s make a deal!  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

Shoes: Cole Haan Zerogrand Wingtips $279 I Pants: En Noir (GAP Exclusive) $80 I Sweater: En Noir (GAP Exclusive) $40 I Jacket: Nike Track Jacket $20 (Outlet) I Top Coat: Express $278

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Wednesday has arrived and by now you’re either making moves or making excuses.  For me it’s the former and I love semi-warm days like this to make them!  Only in Nashville baby!  So I don’t need much to keep me warm.  I’m rockin’ my Sequoia Suede, Cole Haan Zerogrand Chukkas ($278), my Black, En Noir Moto Skinny Jeans from The GAP ($40 SALE), my Black, American Apparel Henley ($30), my favorite Vintage Button-Up ($FREE.99), My Dark Gray, Mossimo Blazer from Target ($70), and my Green, Merona Vest ($30)!  “LIVE ABOVE IT!”

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Guess what day it is? Guess what day it is!? HUMP DAY!!! LoL the day where you have to Man Up and Soldier through! So I started with my Military inspired, Green, V-Neck Sweater by Marc Ecko from Dillard’s ($20 SALE)! Then there’s my industrial flavored, Black, En|Noir Skinny Jeans from The GAP ($80)! I use my Cole Haan, Sequoia Suede, Zerogrand Chukkas ($278) like Military Boots. Remember : A small cuff at the bottom of your preferred jeans works great with Chukkas. I Layered my look with my new Cream, Zip-Up, Shawl Cardigan by Banana Republic ($40 SALE) which is the perfect sidekick for all my Zerogrands. Next I pulled my Denim Jacket by The GAP ($40) and finished off my cold barrier with my Express Top Coat ($278). I’m ready to divide and conquer…how about you? “LIVE ABOVE IT!”