Whether you actually follow Christ & keep Passover as the Israelites did or you celebrate Easter as the Pagans do, either way, it’s a big weekend for you! So here’s a special Style Tip, just for you fellas!

Now, if you remember the “Street Suit” series, then you’ll see that this outfit follows the exact same blueprint. THE DAYS OF THE BELT ARE OVER! Well… at least as far as the SS goes. Tailored jeans, that FIT, are the new belt! The Tie, Shoes, & Jacket are all that’s important. Time to eliminate the middle man and cr8 a nice, streamlined canal. Hey, “All things NEW…” right? Speaking of jackets…

No Suit is complete without some sort of jacket, whether it be a Blazer or a White leather jacket as my own. Keep it waist level, regardless of what you choose.

Now, for one last “Easter Egg (Pun intended). If you want your Tie to stay still while “Praise Dancing,” place the Tie Clip behind the main Tie and from the viewers perspective your Tie will seem to have an obedient mind of its own! LoL


And with that, S H A L A W A M!