With this weekend’s opening of Marvel’s Black Panther I am excited 😃 for my people’s jubilation for the awe inspiring, positive, visual representation of so called “black people” in a world that constantly feeds us a negative one.  But at the same time we must be vigilant.  Brothers and sisters… one’s STYLE should be a representation of one’s HERITAGE, TRADITIONS, & CULTURE and not merely an illustration of one’s fantasies.

“A man may be known by his look, and one that hath understanding by his countenance, when thou meetest him. A man’s attire, and excessive laughter, and gait, shew what he is.” Ecclesiasticus 19:29-30 KJV 1611


The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day! | Ft. Le AMICHE Studio

Today’s JPSKILLZ Style Tip is special because Le Amiche Studio jewelry designer Rachelle, my sister, and wife of my brother/best friend sent me a custom piece, that she new I had my eye on, from her new men’s jewelry line: “THE PROPHECY COLLECTION!”  It’s reppin’ the entire family!  That’s right, all 12 tribes!


Rueben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Ephraim, Mannessah, & Benjamin… heck DAN!  LOL


English won’t do this thank you justice so forgive me, but I must speak in my native tongue:  THAWADAH RACHAL MA-HA-MALAHYA NATHAN-KA WA YADI HA-AHAB-KA RAAB!  SHALAWAM WA BARAK ATHA!

FRESH SHODS | Pensole’s D’Wayne Edwards on diversity in design


You know my motto : “EVERYTHING STARTS WITH A SKETCH!”  Well this brotha’ definitely gets the picture!

While most designers attend art and design school, D’Wayne Edwards broke into the industry without ever stepping foot in a college classroom. His story starts in Inglewood, California with just a No. 2 pencil. Edwards turned his infatuation with drawing and later customizing his high school basketball team’s sneakers into a successful career in footwear design spanning more than 25 years, from holding a Footwear Design Director position at Jordan Brand to founding Pensole Design Academy. At 17 years old, he won a Reebok design competition, but was too young to be hired. A short two years later, he became the youngest professional footwear designer in the industry working for L.A. Gear. By age 23, he was the head of footwear design at L.A. Gear.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE!

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day!

My sister recently asked me if I’d ever given any thought to putting some artwork on shoes.  Well I hadn’t, and MOST HIGH willing I will do a project for her, but until then, this is my first endeavor into the field.  I converted these Tom’s into a personal work of art!  Seeing how Tom’s are literally made from CANVAS, they definitely made great first candidates.  I simply used my usual beloved acrylic paints.  I think they turned out good.  How about you?