This is the correct calendar, which was given to us, of AWB’EY-NU (our FATHER), in its True 364 day format!

“Ha-Ay’thaw’neem (The Steady Flowings)” in the Le’shun E’bveh (Hebrew Tongue)!

The Enochian calendar was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls recently and it CONFIRMS the 364 day calendar!

This along with Leviticus 23 gives us a complete schedule from year to year. Don’t forget, we were farmers, so we had to have an accurate schedule in order to know when to reap… and when to sow (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Isn’t it amazing that as the presence of GMOs is growing exponentially and people are seeking to produce their own food, that we have only ended up where we started?

MEEQ’RAW’EE QO’DESH (Holy Convocations) 2023:

  • Roshe La-Nikano | NICANOR’S HEAD: February 13th
  • Pur’eem | PURIM: February 14th-15th 2023 (2 Day Feast)
  • Roshe Ha-Shaw’ne | SPRING/NEW YEAR/NEW MONTH I: March 4th 2023
  • Yome La-Seh | THE DAY OF THE RAM: March 13th 2023
  • Peh’sakh | PASSOVER: March 17th 2023
  • Khag Ha-Mah’tsothe | FEAST OF UNLEAVENED BREAD: March 18th-24th 2023 (7 Day Feast)
  • Neef’e’nu Ha-O’mer | THE WAVING OF THE SHEAF: March 26th 2023
  • Ba’khoor’eem | FIRST FRUITS/FEAST OF WEEKS/PENTECOST: May 6th 2023
  • Kho’desh | SUMMER/NEW MONTH IV: June 3rd 2023
  • Kho’desh | FALL/NEW MONTH VII: September 2nd 2023
  • Zik’rone T’ru’aw | THE MEMORIAL BLOWING OF TRUMPETS: September 2nd 2023
  • Yome Ki’poor | DAY OF ATONEMENT: September 11th, 2023
  • Khag HaSouk’othe | FEAST OF TABERNACLES: September 16th-22nd 2023 (7 Day Feast)
  • Yome Yo’thare | The Day of Addition: September 23rd 2023
  • Khag Ha-Khan’oo’kaw | FEAST OF DEDICATION/LIGHTS: November 25th-December 2nd 2023 (8 Day Feast)
  • Kho’desh | WINTER/NEW MONTH X: December 2nd 2023