Fellow BLERDS and NERDS alike! I know that today was not the best of days… *Drumpf! cough, cough! * But allow me to assist you in finding the silver lining! When I was at my lowest point, yes, after reading through countless ignorant timeline rants that is “social media,” I found SALVATION! In what you ask? The force… my friends. No. Not that force! LoL THE VOLTRON FORCE!!! Season 2 is up and running! So fire up your Netflix account, turn off CNN and free your mind! SHALAWAM!

JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day!

Hip-Hop is NOT my CULTURE, but it is a small part.




I know I’m late, but I ran into one of these while out and about and I was flabbergasted… that’s right, FLABBERGASTED that my favorite Netflix cartoon had finally received the love it deserves!  Tell you what, since I’m so late, I’ll let you guys form the legs and arms, AND I’LL FORM THE HEAD!!!

The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of The Day! : inVEST

So if you follow me on The IG then you know that yesterday I vowed to share my latest INVESTMENT… with you.  Well, HERE IT IS!  This is a $500 ELEVENTY (WARNING: Their site is SO RUDDY!) vest which I caught slippin’ at UAL (Shout Out) for $50!!!


Sometimes thinking can be a bad thing!  LoL  I didn’t hesitate.  Remember fellas, “Versatility is KEY!”  It’s actually made of Polyamide which is surprisingly warm but also light weight and everyone knows it repels water like a duck’s back! Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why are you so excited Joe!?”  You see, men knew the importance of a good vest back in the days.  They didn’t just roll out, they put in some thought & dear lord, EFFORT.


You see the PINSTRIPES!!!  LOL  And NO, that is NOT a random picture of the late, great Josephine Baker… okay maybe it is… but who better to illustrate how the ladies will be lookin’ atcha’ fellas?  Yea… Jo’ approves so I’m good!  LoL  *Sigh* I crack myself up.  Get used to this Breastplate of Righteousness, because you’re going to be seeing ALOT of it!