The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Scrapes & Bruises… that’s what this world is all about.  Scrapes & Bruises.  If it’s a Scrape then walk it off.  But if it’s a Bruise… well… walk it off.  Either way, make sure you do it with style 😉  SHALAWAM!


I was on my daily morning stroll through Internet Land and found this little gem!  Any TRUE fan of the Transformers genre is an 80s baby and if you are an 80s baby then now, in hindsight, you realize just how corny it was, but BOY was it GREAT!!!  LoL  The fact that they are using the 80s theme makes this a joy to watch!  It’s almost like what would have been if they tried to make a live action film then!  LoL YOU’RE WELCOME!