The JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

Being an adult SUCKS!  It mainly means postponing the things that you really want to do in order to have the means to do them, but I digress!  LoL Because of budget necessities I had to postpone my purchase of these amazing jeans, but nevertheless I have them now and they were well worth the wait!  It’s a rainy day today, here in Nashville and cloudy.  The perfect Blue Collar feel for their debut.  The jeans to which I am rambling about, are my NEW


Okay, so that was a bit dramatic, but I love a sleek pair of Moto jeans and you have to understand that I’ve been looking for a pair of denim Moto jeans forever!  These fit EXTREMELY well, feel great against the skin, and to top it all off: although they are Skinny Jeans, they are designed so that there is room around the knees for flexiblity unlike most Moto Skinny Jeans.  I mean these bad boys feel like a pair of Joggers!  I LIKE IT!  I paired these industrial jeans with my Lunargrand Weatherproof Boots, my favorite Vintage Button-Up, a light Cardigan for warmth, and my rain jacket to ward off the rain drops.  You’ll be seeing a lot more of these hardworking trousers.  Let’s work!  “LIVE ABOVE IT!

BOOTS: Cole Haan Lunargrands $300 l PANTS: Express Alec Quilted Super Skinny Moto Jeans $120 l BUTTON-UP: Vintage l CARDIGAN: Target by Merona $25 l JACKET: Target by Merona $30