JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!

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Well I still haven’t found me glasses.  I think my mom may have stole them, because she hates em’.  LoL  But anywho, it’s the Monday before CHRISTmas and I’m going CHRISTmas caroling!  ….  Ok, I’m not going CHRISTmas caroling, but I am going shopping, same difference, just not quite as peaceful.  I figure I’d add a bit of pazazz to my fit today so I’m rockin’ a tweed suit.  This is definitely a suit for the modern man, the young business professional, the young creative if you will.  The Pants are from the GAP ($40) and the Blazer is from Target by Mossimo ($60). See, it doesn’t take a lot of money to look like money 😉  The 2 pieces aren’t even an exact match, but once again, REMEMBER:  “It’s not about MATCHING it’s about BALANCE!”  It’s all about fooling the eye.  Underneath I’m rockin’ an American Apparel Henley ($30) and my Merona Zip-Up Cardigan ($25) from Target.  And of course you know the Zerogrands are doing the driving.  WELP!  That does it for me.  Time to go deck the MALLS with balls of folly, fa la la la la, luh la la laaaaa…. #FIN.