JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


Oh rainy DAY…oh rainy daaaaay, OH rainy DAAY!  Oh rainy DAAAAAAY!  LoL  It’s raining cats  & dogs out there so one must be prepared to take on Aquaman himself if necessary!  So I’m busting out my favorite cape–I mean coat for days such as this!





You’re only as good as your foundation.  Especially on slippery days like today.  My waterproof, Lunargrand boots are as good as it gets.  I always tuck my pants cuffs in when it’s raining. $278


We start with the base layer, which is one of my green V-Neck sweaters that I purchase during GAP‘s Labor Day sale! $10





Rockin’ my GAP/GQ, En Noir Moto jeans again with a black, zip-up Merona cardigan that I purchased from Target.  Now I’m nice and toasty. Moto Jeans $80 Cardigan $25





And finally we add my “Cape!”  Or my dad’s army jacket, but WHATEVER!  Details right!? LoL  You can’t get this bad boy anywhere, but the service.  So glad my dad was my size and had a taste for tailoring too!  Water just turns and goes the other way when it sees this bad boy!  And you wouldn’t believe how deep the pockets are!  HECK, they’re ready made for weapons and the coat itself is meant for any harsh terrain so I think I can take on a little water.  This is some real HERO S#%T!  LoL  VINTAGE!  $FREE.99


Leave me…there is much that I must ponder upon.  #Fin.


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