JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


The 50s were known for rebellion when it came to fashion. Some of the best things are born out of Free Thought. And that is exactly what inspires today’s look.


Then cuff was born out of this era! Although it would be with a pair of Chucks! Well I’m rockin it with the Chukkas! LoL see what I did there? The role is traditionally a good idea for Chukkas though because of where the boots sit on the ankle. The cuff streamlines the silhouette instead of making that awkward break if you don’t. Chukkas are meant for a shorter length so that’s what the cuff gives. You want to roll it right above the top of the Chukka. $50 (Outlet)


Using my Express, Rocco, Slim Fit, Skinny Jeans for this look which obviously lends itself to the day! $80


Another shirt from the past via my Old Man! Role it one role higher than need be above the elbow and you’ve got a place to pack your cigarettes (I don’t smoke)! It’s a light, vintage cotton so it’s extremely breathable. No need for a tank. $Free. 99


There you have it! Now where’s my Chevy?

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