JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


Hideeho neighbors! LoL I don’t even know how to spell that word, but hell, do you!? Anyway, today I’ll be very busy with meetings but the catch is I need to be casual yet respectfully professional so let’s boogie!


What do we start with? THAT’S RIGHT! You’ve been listening! The kicks! The Nike Lunar Flyknit Chukka (My “Ones”) are smooth! And by “smooth” I mean the cut of the shoe allows them to sorta morph to whatever style you see fit! I’m a huge fan of thick white soles because they create an excellent silhouette if you will. Athletic shoes don’t have to be so… Athletic. Plus the less going on up top (the upper) the better! I love Hip-Hop, but basketball shoes belong on the court, but hey that’s just me. That’s why people had such a hard time believing I played/play ball. $200


Every man needs a solid pair of blue jeans! Go dark first because it’s more VERSATILE. Then stonewash comes later, but they take a bit more finess and for this look I want to lean more towards professional. The jeans are Express. Fellas… I don’t how else to say it so I’ll just say it… BAGGY IS OUT! LoL Even thugs are tailored now. Here’s my secret: I buy skinny jeans (not super, but regular) and I go up about a size or 2, depends on the fit of the jeans. And then there is the length. Now this is seemingly unimportant, but this is critical because this determines how your jeans fall which dictates your look. I go with 30 now as opposed to the 32 that I use to because as my style has become more tailored I like a slim silhouette. The longer the jean the more, shall we say, BAGgage you have. And we don’t want baggage
… do we? $80



Finally a V-Neck T, I only rock Haynes (MJ), along with my GRAY jacket from Saks 5th Ave. This jacket is brilliant because it’s not blue jean but you rock it like one and it’s much cooler (literally)! The cut falls above the waist which feeds into the modern trend of shortened jacket/coat length. I call it the “Hero Cut!” because all heroes rock super jackets without fail. Think Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) or Fast & Furious (Vin Diesel). But the coolest part is that they can replace the Suit Coat. A Suit Coat would completely change this look. But try replacing your Suit Coat look with a Biker Jacket, let me know what you come up with. $75


Well that’s it. Time to go conquer the world! See ya’ next time. #JPSKILLZStyleTip

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