JPSKILLZ Style Tip of the Day!


YES!  You heard correctly ladies & Gentlemen the Style Tip of the Day is BACK!  I’m taking a different approach, but the value is on the information more so than the illustration.  Remember, “There’s more than one way to tell a story.”  😉  Now!  Let’s get down to business!  I’m going into the city today via JC’ (My bicycle) and I need an outfit that’s first and foremost COOL!  LoL  It’s HOT in da’ Ville right now.  Then PRESENTABLE, because I’m going to talk to the owner of RUSH who I’m interested in working with so I don’t want to wear shorts, but I want to look the part.  Afterwards I’m going to hit the good ol’ new Frothy Monkey to get some work done.  Last but not least the fit has to be FUNCTIONAL!  I mean I’m on a bike for crying out loud.  So this is what I went with!


Personally I always start with the shoes!  Fellas, if you didn’t know, women peep the shoes first!  Then the face.  LoL But the shoes MUST be on point!  They don’t have to be expensive, but on point!  I decided to go with my “One’s” today!  That’s what I call them because they remind me of the heir Jordan 1’s!  They are the Nike Flyknit Lunar Chukka!  Yes, these babies are EXCLUSIVE & ELUSIVE!  LoL My favorite kickz for the moment.  Not only are they stylish & comfortable they are also very BREATHABLE!  One of the most breathable shoes Nike has ever made because of the perforated knit upper!  You can literally feel the breeze when you’re walking!  This isn’t for everyone, but I don’t wear socks with em’ so my feet stay especially cool!  LoL Then they are SUPER comfortable!  The Lunar sole is legendary!  I’m replacing  just about all my shoes with Lunar tech! $200



Bought these jeans years ago in Atlanta at Urban Outfitters near 5 Points!  Now we have our own!  But we didn’t then.  Anyway, these are actually my first pair of Skinny Jeans!  They are sentimental to me because they represent a HUGE leap in my style change.  I don’t care too much for brands as much as look, but if you must know they are BDG.  Pardon the purple tights, but I am on my bike and remember Style must be functional fellas.  They’re from my hooping days at LU and they keep me dry & loose!  SIDE NOTE:  These Tips are for the fellas & I know I’m showing my abs so you’re probably like, “Yea, what’s up with that!?”  LoL Well Style has become more tailored which pushes the envelope where fitness is concerned.  I think it’s a great thing.  Now I know everyone can’t have a 6 pack, but we all can be in the best shape possible for ourselves.  It’s more than clothes guys it’s a LIFESTYLE!  I don’t just ride my bike for fun.  It’s a CHOICE.  Now back to your regularly scheduled Tip!  LoL $30


And then there’s the tank.  Got this beauty from the Red Bicycle in Germantown which is around the corner from me.  It’s only fitting… pun intended.  I plan to collect T’s from different coffee shops around the city.  Once again proving how Style fits into your LifeStyle.  It’s COOL, PRESENTABLE, & definitely FUNCTIONAL! $15


Always finish the look off with the accessories!  Or as I like to call them, “EXCESSories.”  Men, it’s all about the watch.  We talk with our hands and do just about everything else so that wrist is visible especially in today’s tailored world.  Don’t leave it dry.  Spice it up.  Decided to role with my red Nike watch which was a Birthday gift from my sister.  Man, I love this watch!


So there you have it!  The Style Tip is back!  Use the hashtag #JPSKILLZStyleTip when referring to me if you don’t mind, THANK YOU and Check back daily as I am going to try to post either early morning or afternoon.  Tell a friend!

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