The “IRON PATRIOT” Will Be In ‘Iron Man 3!!!’

Just received this Gospel through my good friend @_iamjones!  The Iron Patriot will be running Sidekick to Tony Stark in Iron Man 3!  Woooo!  Well…let me not get ahead of myself.  The Iron Patriot was Norman Osborne, so whose to say he’s gonna be a Good Guy in this flick?  Anyway, still SUPER to have him on board!  For more hop over to!

There Are ‘GODS AMONG US’ Seeking…”INJUSTICE?”


MAN!  I haven’t played a Fighting game in awhile!  And by “awhile,” I mean Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat via Super Nintendo!!!  BUT, with this bad boy rollin’ out…I may have to dust off the old thumbs!  Let’s see, “Up, Down, Up Down, A, B, START!”  LoL  True babies of the Super Nintendo era know what that stands for 😉  Check out the Trailer below!  And for more go to iFanboy’s site.  Enjoy.