The closer we get to the MOST ANTICIPATED DATE IN COMIC BOOK HISTORY!!!  More and more Avengers goodness is arriving!  I personally use their Facebook to stay a brisk of all the action.  This NEW Hulk image along with 9 others is a PERFECT example of what I’m talkin’ about!  WOW!!!  Probably going to purchase my tickets TONIGHT!!!

He-Man is BACK!!!



“By the Power of Greyskull…I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRRRRR!!!”  If that just gave you chills, then you are Truly an 80s baby!  He-Man is back & he’s back in the Best way possible, through COMICS!!!  DC Comics is going to launch a NEW series in July!  This is why DC is killing Marvel like Apple is Blackberry.  LoL  Can’t wait.  For details follow the JUMP!