JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day: Buy A Camel


First off, let me Apologize for the Yellow Tone of the above Camel Coat.  I Accidentally grabbed the wrong Color Pencil.  LoL  Now, for the Business at hand; the Camel Coat is making a Triumphant return this Season!  It shed a couple of pounds.  As Jim Moore (GQ) Likes to call it, “Camel Light.”  Meaning, it is now Slimmer, more Tailored & Shorter.  It’s not your Daddy’s Camel.  You don’t have to have on a 3 Piece Suit to Rock the Camel.  Throw it on over whatever!  Think of it as a Pea Coat.  KEY: The Fit!  Shop places like Banana Republic, Express, Burberry, etc.  Make no mistake.  It’s an Investment.  Don’t go Cheap.  It may cost you a grip now, but it will pay for itself over the years.  You’ll be able to give it to your son 😉