JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day: InVest

Fashion is Art and True Art must make Sense.  Whether its Intention is to Make Sense or to Make No Sense at all.  So Essentially it’s Intent that Drives Art, therefore Intent is Relative…Sorry, this isn’t Wisdom Friday so I’ll get back to the Tip.  The Point I’m trying to make is, Weather plays a Role in what you Decide to Wear.  Your Style has to make Sense.  An Item, that in the Past I haven’t been too Fond of, the Down Vest is “In” this Season.  In a whole new way.  My Point is this.  Don’t Rock it as your Coat!  IT DOESN’T HAVE SLEEVES!  IT WON’T KEEP YOU WARM BY ITSELF!  It was meant to be an Addition.  Layer it.  If not, no one will be paying Attention to your Burberry Vest, because they’ll be too Focused on how Dumb you Look!  They’ll be Focused on your Decision to Wear it, as opposed to how your Wearing it.  TIP: Think outside the Box.  Rock it on top of your Blazer or Suit.  Rugged & Sleek are Merging.  Check out GQ’s Last Rule 😉

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