JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day: Wrist & Ankles (Part 2)

Like I said in Monday’s Style Tip, “Wrist & Ankles Fellas…Wrist & Ankles.”  The Latter is today’s Tip.  Stock up on Socks Fellas!  Not just Hanes neither.  I’m talking about J.Crew, Express, Banana Republic, etc.  Designer Socks.  Vary the Patterns & Textures and you’ll be Amazed at the Edge it adds to your Outfits & the Versatility you’ll Develop.  It’s not all about Matching anymore, Remember?  Focus on the Patterns & Textures.  TIP: Buying heavier socks, doubles as a Barrier against the Cold once it…Chills out 😉

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