JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

Wrist and Ankles fellas…Wrist & Ankles.  It’s hard for us to find places to display a lot of Versatility and Edge in Men’s Fashion.  That’s why we have to take Advantage of the few places we can.  A new place is the Wrist.  It’s not just for Watches anymore Guys.  Wristbands are IN!  And “the More the Merrier!”  Sorry for the He-Man reference.  LoL  KEY:  Don’t try to be Stylish.  Just Mix & Match.  Different Textures & Designs are what make it Interesting.  Here’s a small Write-Up by GQ for you to get started 😉

Marvel Releases Destroy Propaganda!

Marvel recently Released this Official Image for an up and coming Story!  Not sure what it’s about, but I Know one of my top 5 Heroes, BEAST, is on the Cover so I’m Excited!  More info is suppose to be coming at the Pint o’CB panel at this year’s Fan Expo Canada Convention in Toronto, this Saturday at 5:30PM in room 714!