Laurence Fishburne To Play Perry White in “Man of Steel!”


Traditionally, Perry White is…well…a White man, LoL, but in Zach Snyder’s World, Perry White is Black.  Perry White is the Editor for the Daily Planet (Clark Kent’s 9 to 5).  Laurence Fishburne will be dawning the Role for the new Superman Movie coming June 14, 2013.  An early Bday Gift for me!  Let’s see if Fishburne turns out to be…”The One?”

JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

The Metrosexual Era is Dead…but like any Major Movement, there are always Remnants.  The Male Physique was Important to this Era and because of this Detail, the Male Silhouette is now IN!  It’s actually the Main Ingredient to Style right now.  So why would you mess that up with a Bulky Cell Phone Carrying Case?  The Case is out Gentleman!  Smartphones are made Sleaker & Thinner than ever now, with this exact Purpose in mind.  Lose the Case, slide your Personal Assistant in your pocket.  TIP: Less is more.  Fellas, I Love to Flaunt my Newest Technological Advancement as much as the next Guy, but Guys aren’t who we’re trying to Impress.  Ladies are more interested in what you have to say than what you have to Show.  So by keeping your PDA in your pocket, you ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone.”  You’re not being Flashy (Cocky) and you’re showing your ability to Socialize & Interact with others instead of making Googly eyes with your Smartphone all night.  Women want to see a man Interact with others; not their Smartphone.  Let your Device ASSIST you as Opposed to you ASSISTING it.  As she’s watching you, she’ll see you whip out that Sleek, Luxurious Device, earning you Bonus Points.  With any Luck…she’ll get to see it up close & Personal later 😉