JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

It’s a New day Fellas…a New Tailored day. Gone are the days of wearing your older brothers jeans & being Cool. Even Hip-Hop itself is no longer as Baggy as it use to be. Now, it’s a fine line, you don’t want to go too Tight & you don’t want to be too Loose. You want to find a Fit that’s juuuuust Right! The above diagram is self-explanatory. Any questions? 😉

Iron Man And Wolverine Premiere July 29 On G4




Set your DVRs, if you’re a Marvel Fan, and even if you’re not, TRY SOMETHING NEW!  Would it Kill ya!?  LoL Anime is such a Cool Art Form and I’m Excited to see it’s Portrayal of these Classic Heroes.  Iron Man kicks it off Starting at 11:00PM EST, and follow immediately with Wolverine at 11:30.

“Iron Man”
In an effort to make amends for his past in weapons manufacturing, Tony Stark has dedicated himself to building the world up rather than tearing it down. Traveling to Japan to build a new arc reactor that will deliver unlimited free energy to the Japanese people, Stark is challenged by the Japanese government and the media when he attempts to import the necessary nuclear priming device.  When the nuclear reactor is repeatedly attacked by the mysterious Zodiac consortium, Stark must gather his allies to take on Zodiac and its mastermind.

Based on the popular graphic novel by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, the series begins when Mariko, the love of Logan’s life, is forced back to Japan by her crime-lord father, Shingen. Logan vows to get her back at any cost. He is plunged into a chaotic world of corruption and violence, forcing him to team up with young assassin, Yukio, to battle their way through the Japanese criminal underworld.

JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

Long time no see guys.  But I’m back and it’s Good to see you.  Let’s get back on track.  How many times have you seen a guy, mostly at a lecture of some sort, that’s Rockin’ a Clean white Button Up and you’re following what’s being said, Amazingly staying awake, and then it happens….he raises his hand.  And all you can see or hear…is the Stain under the arm pit.  Solution: Guys, you have to buy a new white Button Up at least once a year.  This keeps the Pits Fresh and the Attention on you rather than…what’s on you.  Personal Favorites are: St. John’s Bay (Great Prices & Great Fit), Banana Republic and Burberry (If you can Afford it) 😉