JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

It’s Playoff time baby!  NBA Playoff time!  And it has been one of the Best!  So today’s Tip is Inspired by the Players.  I’ll tell ya, some of these Press Conferences are so Bad on the eyes that I have to turn the Channel!  Fellas Listen.  Two very important foundations go into Style.  1. Know your Body Type and 2. Don’t over do it.  If your 6’9″ you can’t pull off some of the things that a 6’1″ guy can.  Like wearing a Super Tight shirt, on the lil’ guy, he’ll look like a guy with a nice physique.  Sure his shirt is a tad tight, but it’s cool.  That’s how they wear it now right?  On the other hand, the big fella wears a tight shirt and 911 shows up talkin’ bout someone called because someone stopped breathing!  LoL  No need to Accentuate the Accentuated.  As for “Over doing it.”  Know when to stop.  A nice shirt and watch go a LONG way.  No need to throw all the Adjectives on it.  “Let your Garments speak,” remember? With that said…I think Dallas is gonna beat LA!  Hahaha 😉