The Neighborhood Spider-Man, Becomes…Well, The Neighborhood

As if Saturday isn’t already Exciting for Comic Fans Globally,they go and debut a DOPE series like this!  What if Michael Jordan stepped on the court and everyone on it, had his Abilities and Competitiveness!?  How would that game be?  Well, this is the question asked by Marvel Writer Dan Slott.  This issue will be the set up to No.666-673.  A series entitles “Spider-Island.  All of the Web Head’s neighbor New Yorkers are going to have his abilities!  His Power won’t be so Great anymore.  So what does that look like?  The series will be drawn by Stefan Caselli who is AMAZING (Pun intended) but the FREE Comic has been handed to Humberto Ramos!  I Love both of these Artists and you know I Love Spidey so, yea, Thor on Friday, Spidey on Saturday.  I’m a Happy man.