DC To Start From Scratch!?

So it appears DC has taken Ricky Bobby’s words to heart: “If ya’ ain’t first your last!”  In a Super Ambitious move, DC will be restarting each and every one of their DC Universe story lines starting Aug. 31st with Justice League!  Geoff Johns and, MY FAVORITE ARTIST, Jim Lee have teamed up to handle the series!  I may have missed Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 back in the day, but I ain’t missing this one!  For more info, follow the JUMP!

JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

The Key to Fashion is to NOT overdue it.  Always be aware of the Occasion…this will dictate how much to give or how little.  Ex: I Love the Popped Blazer Collar, but it’s not always the Best Look, even though it’s my Personal Style.  You want the Best Look for the Occasion…not the Best Look for you, because it’s NOT about you 😉