Joe Covers “Death of Spider-Man” Finale

Marvel Chief Cr8tive Officer, Joe Quesada has been tapped to handle the final issue of the “Death of Spider-Man” storyline.  He’s produced 2 covers, the full color Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 Quesada Variant and the raw, penciled version for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 Quesada Sketch Variant.  This is the biggest issue in Ultimate Comics History!  Heck, the Spider-Man storyline!  I for one am glad Joe’s handling it, he’s not only one of my Favorite artists, but his name is JOE!  I mean come on!?  How appropriate.  This issue FOCs 5/9/11, with an on-sale of 6/22/11

Junk Food Clothing

If you Like Junk Food Like I do, then you are also just a Kid, trapped in a BIG body, fighting daily to suppress your Natural, God Given, Kiddy Urges to….well I digress….but anyway, I know you’ll Love Junk Food Clothing!  An Essential part of a Man’s Summer Wardrobe is his T-Shirt collection.  What better way to collect, than to collect by choosing your Favorite Super Heroes!?  Junk Food Clothing provides this service via their Super Hero Collection!  Click the pick above and go check em’ out!

JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

My Daddy taught me…he said, “Son…if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!”  Well, the same applies to today’s Tip & Style!  I have one last bone to pick with V-Necks.  The most Dangerous & Treacherous V of all…the “DEEP V!!!”  Unlike the Regular V, the Deep V isn’t meant for everyone.  Mainly guys with muscle.  You see part of Fashion is the Garment’s ability to Accentuate a persons Features.  The Deep V was created for the Hipster.  Generally, Hipsters are Gangly Fellows with bad Posture (Sorry Hipster friends…but it’s True).  The Deep V Accentuates the chest i.e. Pectoral Muscles.  So if you already have a big chest, then the DV makes you look like you’re trying to show CLEAVAGE!!!  And this is NO GOOD for a Man.  LoL  On the other hand, if you’re Skinny, then it gives the Appearance that God Blessed you with a little more than he did.  KEY: Nice Build=Regular V….Skinny Build=Deep V….Any questions? 😉