JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

The Blazer, no matter what Season, is ALWAYS in Style.  Yet the Fabric can’t say the same.  It’s Spring, you need Breathable Material.  You can pull of the same Look, just mix it up by using different Fabric.  Cotton Vs Linen.  You’ll be Amazed out how just by switching up the Fabric you get a completely different Look!  Express just received their Spring shipment of Blazers!  Follow the Link to Peep em’ out! 😉

Spider-Man…Without The Parker!?

I guess I’m just Ol’ Skool, but I’m not tryna see ANYBODY else dawn the Mantle of Spidey!  Peter Parker IS Spider-Man like Christopher Reeves IS Superman!  But Unfortunately this is out of my hands.  As you well know, the Death of Spider-Man is approaching Ironically at the Month of my Birth.  We don’t have much time to see how this thing unfolds, but Marvel is beginning to give us glimpses of the Future.  Brian Michael Bendis mysteriously Tweeted this morning, “if you happen to catch the new york post this morning, you might find a little bit of something something…” I was excited…until the ensuing news was REVEALED!  First they kill Pete, now they REPLACE HIM!  Wow, can’t say I’m Happy.  Though I am intrigued and I must say the NEW duds are Ripe!  Anyway, for more info you can head over to my pals Comic Book Resources.  *SIGH* *SMH*