JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

5 Nights…25 Designers…Nashville Fashion Week was Amazing!  But now back to Normalsy…is that a Word?  Anyway, I was trying to think of what my Inspiration for each night was?  What Inspired my Creativity each night?  What should one base his/her Style on, on Epic nights such as these?  The 2 words that came to mind were Theme and Staple.  Each night featured not only different Designers, but different locations.  My Inspiration for each night was based upon the Theme of each location.  But anyone can look great from night to night…so what separates an Individual from the pack?  A Staple.  A Staple Piece that is constant throughout.  Mine was my Shades.  Tuesday it was, “who is the mysterious, creepy guy with the shades?”  By Saturday it was, “where’s the cool, stylish guy with the shades!?”  I quickly became the walking Photo Opp!  LoL  Take Mannuel for instance, you know that he is going to be wearing some type of Bandanna around his neck.  Anyway, just remember, your Style selection needs a Theme, but to have Personal Style…you need a Staple 😉