JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

Happy Monday!Β  And I’m sorry I’m Late.Β  I was watching Rip The Runway and trying to figure out how Men’s Fashion got so far away from being a Man!?Β  But anyway, I digress.Β  Sorry.Β  The Tip today is about the Tank Top AKA “Wife Beater.”Β  Men’s Fashion is simple.Β  What is more simple than a Tank Top?Β  When it gets hot you can just throw one of these on and allow your Accessories, Tattoos & Hair Style to do the talking.Β  Even physique plays a part in Personal Style, so the Tank alone, is not for everyone.Β  But it IS in the sense that you should own a few, so that you can put them under your T-shirt in the Summer.Β  This prevents sweat from showing through your T which is definitely not Sexy!Β  The Tank is your invisible Force Field that keeps out the sweat & funk, LoL.Β  So give your Deodorant a Sidekick.Β  Buy some tanks.Β  KEY: Make sure you start with White & Black.Β  White can be worn with any T, but Black cannot be worn with a White T.Β  It’s suppose to be “Invisible,” remeber? πŸ˜‰