JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

It’s an age old debate.  To wear…or not to wear…THAT…is the question.  “What,” you ask?  SOCKS!!!  Some Men can’t Live without em’.  And others, view them like an unnecessary ankle weight.  I’m somewhere in the middle.  When it comes to my Sneakers, Socks are a must, because sneakers don’t allow the feet to breathe.  Yet when it comes to my Loafers and such, NO SOCKS ALLOWED!  For two reasons: 1. Loafers are far more breathable 2. Skin is in!  A man doesn’t exactly have cleavage so we gotta sport wrists & ankles.  Besides, it’s just a more clean Look to Rock Loafers with NO Socks.  SECRET: If you do Rock Socks with your Loafers then DO NOT WEAR TUBE!!!  An explanation shouldn’t be needed.  If so, email me, we’ll talk.  Instead, Invest in a few pairs of Designer Socks.  The crazier pattern & colors the better.  This will give your Look a little hidden pop.  Don’t go with WOOL!  Winter has passed.  Try a Polypropylene blend.  Acrylic.  Acrylic socks tend to wick moisture well and they do not swell much when wet.  Now there are exceptions to every Rule.  If you have Sweaty, Stinky feet…then Socks may be your only option 😉