JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

The coolest part about Personal Style within Men’s Fashion, is that our clothes hardly have anything to do with our Style at all!Β  It’s all about the accessories for a man.Β  The minor details.Β  Women carry purses for their many cosmetic & miscellaneous objects, but men, our Carry-On is usually a bit lighter.Β  We carry Gadgets.Β  We Love em’!Β  We’re all like mini Inspector Gadgets and 007’s bustling about the Urban Jungle each day.Β  So what better way to make a statement than to disguise our Gadgets with nice outfits?Β  There are many Brands and Designs to choose from so it is your Personal Style that will select which design is best tailored for you.Β  Don’t just buy an Accessory…buy a Statement πŸ˜‰