JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

Once you turn 13…you can no longer wear a pair of Jordan’s and consider yourself going out on the town.Β  Every man must own a pair of “High-End” Sneakers.Β  Preferably a pair with solid whites soles & a black upper.Β  The reason for this?Β  Well, if you don’t know by now, then you haven’t been listening.Β  VERSATILITY!Β  But you also get a sneaker that seems, as I like to define it, nameless.Β  No huge logos or words, just a Nice, aesthetically pleasing design.Β  It’s almost like a tailored garment, for your feet πŸ˜‰

CBR Interviews Sam Liu

It all comes down to the visuals. As a director of Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment’s direct-to-video adaptations, Sam Liu needs to find ways to take a series of static comic book images and turn them into continuous moments of animated excitement. Needless to say, this was a particular challege when it came to the film based on the Eisner Award-winning limited series “All Star Superman.”ο»ΏΒ  Check the Interview after the JUMP.