JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

6 Essential Items For Your Trunk

If you have lived in Nashville for any significant amount of time, then you know that we have some of the most random weather and lenient schedules!  All the more need for a man to be prepared to face the elements & Life.  That space in the back of your car isn’t just for weekend kidnappings.  You can actually utilize it by keeping these 6 items at hand.

1. Hoodie– The hoodie is one of the most versatile male garments there is.  You can dress it up.  Dress it down.  Throw it under a blazer or jacket for warmth or style.  You can throw it on to shoot hoops, work out or just warm up.  It has to be right behind dogs when it comes to a man’s best friend.  KEY: Color.  Brown, Grey or Black are your choices.  Don’t want anything louder than this, remember, versatility is the objective.

2. Shoes– In Nashville you can quickly go from work to play.  So your shoes have to keep up.  I suggest keeping a pair of athletic shoes & a pair of shoes that fall into your Personal Style.  Once again, keep the colors neutral.  KEY: Invest in a pair of Trainers.  This way you can be prepared for anything from Flag Football to Ping Pong.

3. Jeans– Jeans were born All-Purpose.  They are the perfect glue to any outfit.  KEY: Denim.  Avoid Stonewash or any other light jean so as to keep with our theme of versatility.

4. T-Shirts– A White & Black T-shirt will ensure that you always have a torso back up.  Stained shirt?  No Problem.  Don’t want to sweat out your button-up?  Cool.  Heck, nothing makes a car shine better than an old T-Shirt!  So Keep some T’s handy.  The best part is that they don’t take up space & are inexpensive so they are an easy inventory to keep.  KEY:  Something old & something new.  Keep an old beat up one for war and a nice one for peace time.

5. Hat– A nice hat can serve as a fashionable accessory, a warmer for a cool head or a umbrella for an unexpected shower.  KEY: Conductor Hat.  Conductor hats are the most versatile there is.  They can CONDUCT any occasion.  Remember, keep the colors simple though.

6. Athletic Shorts– You know how it is. Some kid starts talking trash about how you’re all washed up & how he can take you, but little does he know, that you got the shorts & kicks in trunk.  They’re just GREAT!  Playing Playstation with the boys or lounging at your girl’s house, you’ll be ready to go.  KEY: Clean.  Nothing worse than hanging or lounging only to realize that there is an ungodly smell rising from your shorts 😉

GR8 Weekend…I Must Say

Aside from the fact that my Titans are in complete shambles and my second team the Steelers lost this weekend, I must say, it was pretty good.  The commercials left much to be desired but there were some great ones.  Especially this one:

But…I digress.  What more than made up for it all though, was the release of the NEW Captain America site!  It is there that you can now find the Free Digital comic I mentioned in previous post.  Go see for yourself.

A Day Of BuLLets & MuLLets

After lunch or dinner at Urban Flatts or Cantina Laredo, Nashville now has another hip shopping option. You no longer have to play a game of Frogger crossing the intersection of the Gulch to get to Urban Outfitters. You can now simply turn the corner & check out Bullets & Mullets. The grand opening this past Saturday turned out to be a success! Though I arrived too late to check out my man, Ducko McFli there was still plenty of drinks, treats & people to engage in. Not to mention the great clothing. I do have 1 con though. Shoes! There were none! For me, that’s a problem. I really feel that a cold collection of “Fresh Swags” would really put them over the top. But for what they do…they do it well.