JPSKILLZ Style Tip Of The Day!

As a Nashville Native there is one thing that I am sure of…we Love our Boat Shoes!  So here’s how to rock em’ this Spring.  Key word, “Spring.”  Boat Shoes are simple.  They symbolize relaxation & exude the spirit of Spring.  So, you too, want to invoke this feeling in others when they see you.  Throw on a cotton sweater, a nice pair of raw denim jeans, add a roll to the bottom and leave it at that!  Let the shoes do the talking.  Remember, skin is in 😉

The Bowl Won’t Be The Only Thing Super This Sunday…



Previously I Posted that during the Super Bowl this weekend you will need to remain seated during commercials as not to miss the NEW Thor & Captain America movie trailers that will play.  Well, more good news today from Marvel.  They will also be releasing Captain America First Vengeance #1 at your local comic shop.  Get this…for FREE!  The comic will tie into the upcoming movie giving those unfamiliar wit’ America’s first Avenger a chance to familiarize him/herself.  For more on this follow the JUMP!