NEW!!! Daily JPSKILLZ Style Tip!

Spring is upon us and before you know it, you’ll be swapping out that Pea Coat for that dope Spring Blazer you bought last Fall.  Here’s what to wear to make the look really pop!  Wearing a T-shirt simply makes a great suit jacket look less formal, less structured and more Springy…if that’s a word?  I personally like to wear a white or black V-neck tee, but you can get away with anything. Try a rock-band tee, a college tee, or just a solid-color, and wear it with a structured jacket for a nice contrast.

Marvel has finally debut the variant cover to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #157, from superstar artist Ed McGuinness!  Remember when I first Posted this?  Anyway!  Super exciting!  But also Super Depressing…The Web Head is one of my favorite characters.