Reh’oo’bane – “My affliction was MANIFEST before El’o’heem therefore now will my husband love me; for my affliction hath been manifested before El’o’heem as will be the affliction of my children before El’o’heem when they shall be enslaved in the land of the Mizra’ee.” – Mummy Ley’ah

Shim’YEH’on – “Because it was HEARD before El’o’heem that I was hated, and He gave me this also: and so will be heard before Him the voice of my children when they shall be enslaved in Mizra’im.” – Mummy Ley’ah

Le’YEH – “This time will my husband be UNITED to me, because I have borne him three sons; and thus will it be that my children shall be united to serve before El’o’heem.” – Mummy Ley’ah

YEH’oo’daw – “This time will I give PRAISE before El’o’heem; for from this my son kings shall come forth, and from him shall spring a beloved king, who shall offer praise before El’o’heem.” – Mummy Ley’ah

Dawn – “El’o’heem hath JUDGED me in HIS beautiful mercies; He hath also heard the voice of my prayer, and given me a son; and so it is to be that He shall judge by the hand of Shim’shone bane Mawn’oakh, who shall be of his seed; and hath he not delivered into his hand the people of the Philist’ee?” – Mummy Ra’khale

Naf’tawl’ee – “With AFFLICTION afflicted was I before El’o’heem in prayer; therefore He hath received my request that I might have a son as my sister, and hath given me two. Even so are my children to be redeemed from the hand of their enemies when they shall afflict themselves in prayer before El’o’heem.” – Mummy Ra’khale

Ga – “Beautiful SUCCESS cometh; for the feastings of the Goy (Gentiles) are to be cut off, and his children shall surely inherit their habitation on the east side of Yor’dane” – Mummy Ley’ah

Aw’share – “HONOR shall be mine: for the daughters of E’Sraw’El will honor me, as his children will be honored before El’o’heem for the beauty of the fruit of his land. – Mummy Ley’ah

YEH’saw’saw’kar – “El’o’heem hath given me my REWARD, for that I gave my handmaid to my husband; even so shall his children receive a beautiful reward, because they will occupy themselves with Torah.” – Mummy Ley’ah

Z’boo’loon – “El’o’heem hath ENDOWED me with a good dowry by children. This time will the habitation of my husband be with me, because I have borne him six sons: and thus shall his children receive a beautiful portion.” – Mummy Ley’ah

YEH’o’safe (Men’aws’eh/E’phraw’im) – “El’o’heem hath GATHERED off my reproach, even as E’Yeshey the son of YEH’o’safe will gather off the reproach of Mizra’im from the sons of E’Sraw’El, and will circumcise them beyond Yor’dane. El’o’heem will ADD me yet another son to this one.” – Mummy Ra’khale | “They are to be as a flame to consume the house of E’sa’oo; and he said, Therefore will I not be afraid of E’sa’oo and his legions.” – Baw’ba YEH’kobe’aw

Ben’YEH’men – “The son of my woe.” – Mummy Ra’khale | “Son of RIGHTEOUSNESS.” – Baw’ba YEH’kobe’aw